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Lip Augmentation

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A lip lift, also known as lip augmentation, will increase the fullness of your lips, shorten the space between the nose and the upper lip, if necessary, and create a more attractive, more youthful contour.

As we age, our lips lose their fullness. The distance from the tip of the nose to the upper lip lengthens as gravity makes the upper lip descend. If you have always wanted fuller, lusher lips, or wish to bring back your once full lips, there is an increasing assortment of procedures that can give almost any woman more sensuous, pouty lips.

Prime Plastic Surgery offers a variety of both surgical and non-surgical techniques that can enlarge, reshape, or otherwise improve asymmetrical or uneven lips, including:

The results can be dramatic, while also looking natural and not overdone. Our surgeons often perform a minimally invasive lip enhancement along with other facial plastic surgery procedures, such as a facelift, for an overall rejuvenated result. In other cases, you may wish to have Juvederm or other dermal fillers such as Restylane,Kyss Silk,Restylane Silk, and Juvederm Voluma used on other areas of the face during your lip enhancement procedure. 


Any adult who wishes fuller lips or has asymmetrical or uneven lips could potentially benefit from surgical or non-surgical lip enhancement.


Some of these treatments produce permanent results, while others are temporary. Local flaps are generally only used on patients who need lip reconstruction due to severe lip abnormalities because of injury or illness, such as skin cancer. Lip shortening is a less extensive cosmetic surgery procedure to shorten the space between the nose and the upper lip. Injectables provide fuller lips without the need of incisions but are a temporary correction.

Your Surgeon will discuss with you the various options, advantages, and disadvantages of each procedure and work with you to develop an individualized approach to your treatment based on your anatomy and aesthetic desires.


Your lip augmentation will vary greatly depending upon the procedure you choose. If Juvederm is used, the procedure is quick with no real down time. The results last for 6-9 months.

Microfat grafts begin with the removal of a small amount of fat from an area of the body that contains an excess, such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, or waist. The suctioned fat is treated and then re-injected into the lips. When fat grafting is done correctly, the results can last a very long time.

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In an upper lip lift or lip shortening surgery, the space between the nose and upper lip is shortened by excising some of the skin. An incision may be made along the top of the pink portion of the upper lip called the vermillion border.

This incision is sometimes called a “lip roll.” The skin is pulled upward, the excess is removed, and the incision is sutured closed. The scar may be visible in this case, however.

Another technique involves an incision under the nose in the subnasale position where the scar is less noticeable. Once again, the skin is pulled upward for shortening, the excess is removed, and the incision is sutured closed.

Local flaps or lip reconstruction is a highly individualized surgery that requires removing abnormalities and reshaping the lips using skin grafts from other parts of the body.

All of these procedures – whether surgical or non-surgical – require considerable skill and experience to provide a beautiful and natural-looking result. Our surgeons have performed numerous successful lip enhancement procedures at Prime Plastic Surgery using these varied techniques.


Juvederm injections require no recovery period. You may experience some mild bruising, swelling, and soreness for a few days, however.

Recovery from microfat grafts takes 1-2 weeks. Swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort are more pronounced in the areas of the body from which the fat was removed than at the lip injection sites. Pain medication can be taken to ease discomfort while healing.

Recovery from lip shortening surgery can take 1-2 weeks, while swelling may continue to subside gradually over a few more weeks. 

As with all surgery, you can expect some bruising and mild pain that can be managed with pain medication, cold compresses, and topical Arnica Montana. Smiling may be uncomfortable for a few weeks until the incision has fully healed.

Lip reconstruction recovery is much more extensive and varies from patient to patient depending upon the amount of correction required.

Your surgeon will let you know during your consultation how much time you need to take off from work and what you can expect during recovery from the procedure you have chosen for your lip enhancement.

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