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Neck lift surgery can create a rejuvenated appearance for people who have extra fullness in the neck area. At Prime Plastic Surgery, our surgeons perform neck lift procedures for local residents in San Diego, as well as for patients worldwide.

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Some men and women inherit the appearance of a double chin and poorly defined neckline. For others, the muscle and skin of the neck begin to sag and lose definition with passing time. Jowls droop as skin and muscles loosen, while fat deposits along the jaw line and under the chin create fullness or a double chin. The neck muscles weaken and separate, creating vertical “cords.” Some individuals feel self conscious about these characteristics. Fortunately, the neck lift procedure can correct all of these cosmetic issues to create a younger appearance.


neck lift procedure

To find out whether you are a candidate for neck lift, contact our office in La Jolla, San Diego. We can schedule a facial plastic surgery consultation with a board-certified surgeon. During your consultation, your surgeon will speak with you about your expectations and goals for neck lift surgery and examine your facial features. They will create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve the appearance you desire.


The surgery of the neck is reached through incisions behind the ears and may include a tiny incision under the chin. When there is a good deal of extra skin, it needs to be removed as part of the lift. This placement of the incisions permits hiding the scars behind the ears.

Neck contouring procedures are performed either in conjunction with facelifts or alone. Neck lifts are ideal for sculpting areas that will not improve with diet and exercise. 

There are several options for improving the jaw line and neck:


Liposuction is a body sculpting surgery that removes localized fat from your body.

Minimal incision neck lift

Through a small incision under the chin.

Limited lower face neck lift

Through a small incision under the chin and inconspicuously placed incisions behind the ear.

In addition, if your chin is small or “weak,” a chin implant may safely be used in conjunction with the neck lift to further improve your jaw line and profile.

Your surgeon will individualize the neck lift procedure for you, depending on your anatomy and the elasticity of your tissue. They will utilize the most appropriate plastic surgery procedure with the smallest incisions to accomplish the ideal aesthetic natural improvement.


There is some degree of swelling and possibly bruising in most patients but usually very little in the way of pain or discomfort. Swelling is mostly resolved in two to three weeks, but some swelling will persist. Most patients are quite “presentable” within one to two weeks.

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