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The brow lift, also known as forehead lift, is an excellent procedure for rejuvenating the eye and forehead area and may be combined with other facial procedures. Prime Plastic Surgery offers several brow lift variations that can produce stunning results.


A forehead lift or “browlift” is a procedure that restores a more youthful, refreshed look to the area above the eyes. The procedure corrects drooping brows and improves the horizontal lines and furrows that can make a person appear angry, sad or tired. In a forehead lift, the muscles and tissues that cause the furrowing or drooping are removed or altered to smooth the forehead, raise the eyebrows and minimize frown lines.

As we age, the skin and soft tissue of our brows and foreheads tend to droop. Some patients inherit lower position of their brows. The position of the brows and accentuation of the furrows and creases may impart an angry appearance. This includes prominent transverse lines and vertical lines above the nose and between the eyebrows.

While certain frown lines may be corrected temporarily by injecting BOTOX® Cosmetic, a longer lasting improvement can be achieved through surgical procedures such as brow lift or endoscopic brow lift. These procedures can remove excess tissue and diminish contracting muscles that cause forehead creases.


Your surgeon will help you decide which surgical approach will best achieve your cosmetic goals: the classic or “open” method, or the endoscopic forehead lift. Make sure you understand the technique that your surgeon recommends and why he or she feels it is best for you.

If your hair is very short, you may wish to let it grow out before surgery, so that it’s long enough to hide the scars while they heal.

Whether your forehead lift is done in an outpatient facility or in the hospital, you should arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery, and to help you out for a day or two.

Prime Plastic Suregry offers many brow lift techniques that can be customized for each patient’s desired results. No matter which method is utilized, the result should look natural and not over-corrected.

Endoscopic Brow Lift / Forehead Surgery

Endoscopic forehead surgery (brow lift), which is minimally invasive, involves making several small incisions in inconspicuous areas on the scalp. During the procedure, an endoscope – a miniature pencil-like camera that is attached to a television monitor – is inserted through the incisions to view the tissues underneath the skin. Your surgeon uses the endoscope when appropriate to visualize and modify the muscles and tissue beneath the skin. Results are predictably pleasing and the scars are small, inconspicuous, and hidden in the hairline. However, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure.

Traditional Brow Lift

The traditional brow lift, an open approach with incisions behind or occasionally at the hairline, may be indicated in some patients. Incisions for a traditional lift must be individually tailored to accommodate the patient’s hairline. During this procedure, forehead size can be either reduced or increased. Once the location has been determined, the necessary incisions can be made. Your surgeon then lifts the skin and removes and/or repositions excess tissue. The muscles that were causing the forehead to crease can be relaxed, and the skin is trimmed and redraped to smooth out major wrinkles and creases.

Eyelid Approach Brow Lift

In some patients, the central forehead frown lines can be improved through the same incision that is used to remove excess fat and skin from the upper eyelids during eyelid surgery. The muscles responsible for the frown lines are modified through the eyelid incision while avoiding any scalp incision.


When you have a brow lift consultation at our office in, your surgeon personally listens to your desires and expectations for surgery and then evaluates your facial anatomy. Our team can then create a custom treatment plan that best suits your individual needs.

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