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Out of Town Patients

FIRST STEPE-mail us with your questions and concerns along with some digital photos of the areas in question (including photos with arms at your side, as well as some goal photos – photos of the look you desire). We will review your e-mail and photos and discuss your options with you either via e-mail or phone. At this time, we will also be able to give you a price for your procedure. Please note, we offer complimentary consultations via email and for consultation by phone, there will be a $100-$200 fee (depending on how much information needs to be reviewed) that will be applied to your surgery when you decide to proceed. While phone consults are important, we have also found email alone to work well for our overseas patients, under the proper circumstances. You will be provided with a surgical assessment and preliminary plan of treatment (please note in certain circumstances your final assessment may require a phone call with one of our skilled doctors for the most accurate information). Our office does provide financing options for our patients and would be happy to review those with you
SECOND STEPIf after speaking with your doctor you decide that you would like to proceed, a few e-mails will take care of the rest of the information that we will need. E-mail your personal information along with the dates that will work for you. Once the surgery date and pre-op date (usually a day or two before surgery) have been confirmed by both parties, payment options will be discussed (payment is due 4 weeks prior to the procedure to reserve the time at the surgery center). Payment can be in the form of cashier’s check or credit card. We can give you information regarding hotels accommodations, nurses to help after the surgery, etc..so that everything is settled before you arrive. When you arrive for your pre-op visit, we will have paper work for you to review and fill out. Your doctor will perform a thorough examination and discuss everything in great detail with you. If at the time of your visit your doctor decides that you would not be a good candidate for the surgery, your payment will be returned to you and surgery will not be performed.
THIRD STEPWe strongly recommends that patients stay in San Diego for a minimum of 5-7 days after surgery (different procedures require different lengths of time and we can discuss your specific situation when the time comes). Our office staff will work around your schedule to get you into the office for your post-op visits. We ask that you keep in contact with us via e-mail and if you return to the greater San Diego area, please pay our office a visit (we love to see our patients as often as possible).


Our patient care coordinator, is the initial contact. To schedule your consultation, call our office at 1-858-455-0290 or submit your information online and we will contact you shortly. Prior to your conversation with your doctor, photos (front view, right, and left profiles) can be sent to our office either by e-mail or regular mail. With the photos in front of him, your doctor will consult with you on the phone and create a surgical plan. Your evaluation will be as thorough and as detailed as possible. You can then discuss the fees, surgical scheduling, and any additional questions with our patient care coordinator. We will make sure that all of your questions are answered before you travel to our office in La Jolla for your plastic surgery.

Pre-Operative Clearance

If you are interested in plastic surgery, and you do not live in the San Diego / La Jolla area, we need the following sent to us at least two weeks prior to your surgery date:

Blood tests mailed, emailed or faxed by your physician. We need a SMA-12, CBC, ProTime, PTT, urinalysis, and a brief note from him or her stating that you are in good health for surgery. In case of other concerns (disease, diabetes, etc.) we will also need other appropriate tests. If you are over 40, we will need results from electrocardiogram and chest x-ray tests which have been performed in the last twelve months. We will coordinate this with your personal physician.

Travel Arrangements

Our entire staff is accustomed to meeting the needs of out-of-town patients. In particular, our patient care coordinator will help you with the necessary travel arrangements, transfers, hotels, pre-operative clearance, and your post-operative care. We can arrange to see you at a convenient time prior to your scheduled surgery.

Accommodations & Post-Operative Care

You can stay in any of the excellent hotels in San Diego or La Jolla. Depending on your surgery, you may spend the night of your procedure back at your hotel with a friend or a relative. Additionally, we have nurses that are available for private duty to accompany you to the hotel and visit you as often as you desire. These nurses are independent contractors and their fees are handled separately. Patients with particular medical needs can be electively admitted after surgery to Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, which is immediately adjacent to our office. Our patient coordinator can assist you analyzing your options and making the necessary arrangements.

Your Return Home

Based on the exact details of your case, your doctor will tell you how long you must be in the San Diego area. The duration of your stay will vary based on the plastic surgery procedure you undergo, your particular medical condition, how far you are from home, and how you will be traveling back, among other factors. Our staff will take every step to help you return home as safely and soon as possible. As an example, the usual recommended length of stay for a facelift is 10 to 14 days.

One common concern among patients is what to do if they develop a problem in the weeks or months after they return home from surgery. We understand this concern. Fortunately, it is indeed rare for this to happen, but when it does, our doctor will always try to arrange for a nearby qualified colleague to see you.

Certainly, the plastic surgeon you choose will be the biggest determinant of your outcome, but these factors will all contribute to the comfort and ease of your recovery.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to schedule your initial consultation, contact us today. We can answer any questions you may have about traveling to our practice for your procedure.