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VECTRA 3D Breast Enhancement Simulator

Best VECTRA 3D Breast Enhancement Simulator Del Mar, La Jolla and La Mesa, CA | Prime Plastic Surgery

The VECTRA 3d simulation technology enables patients to better visualize how they would look with different sizes and types of breast implants. With the VECTRA 3D simulation technology, patients will also have the opportunity to see the possible benefits of a breast lift procedure in combination with the breast augmentation. Prime Plastic Surgery is one of the first Southern California plastic surgery practices to offer their patients this new technology.


You can now take a sneak peek at yourself to see your body with simulated implants from all 3 FDA approved breast implant companies (Sientra, Allergan and Mentor), and even different implant types so patients can see the difference between a moderate profile implant versus a high profile implant.

VECTRA 3D simulation

If you’re considering breast augmentation surgery and are interested in seeing a 3D simulation of how you will look afterwards, request a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons at Prime Plastic Surgery, call us at (619) 466-8851 or CLICK HERE

Plastic surgery can be approached with greater confidence when you can visualize the outcome. VECTRA and Prime Plastic Surgery can help you do this.


Best VECTRA 3D Breast Enhancement Simulator Del Mar, La Jolla and La Mesa, CA | Prime Plastic Surgery

The VECTRA 3D camera captures a 3D photograph of the patient, and using multiple cameras, the machine takes a number of photographs from several different angles, offering a simulation or 3D virtual model of the patient. The simulation software displays your physique from a 3D perspective and at a patient consultation, our doctors are able to discuss the possible implant results available to the patient.

The software offers the opportunity for Dr. Pousti and the patient to experiment with different implant looks, types and sizes until the patient is happy with their new look before the surgery, providing the basis for the patient’s surgery plan. The VECTRA 3D technology does not give patients final results, but allows patients to see how different implants will look on their body in a simulated manner. The work performed in the operating room by Dr. Pousti will be the most accurate when determining implant size and profile to achieve desired results. Call (619) 466-8851 or CLICK HERE to request a consultation and to see a simulation of your breast augmentation surgery.

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