Tummy Tuck Recovery Without a Tummy Ache

Dr. Tom Pousti, of Prime Plastic Surgery, with his surgical suite in San Diego is now offering the On-Q Pain Relief System as a recovery option for Tummy Tuck procedures. This new pain relief system is not available at every doctor’s office and is an extra option for Dr. Pousti’s patients.

The On-Q pain relief pump is a revolutionary non-narcotic pain relief system. The On-Q pump slowly and continually releases local anesthetic to the surgical site, which numbs the pain at the place of discomfort. The On-Q pump dispenses the correct amount of pain medication for up to 5 days.

You will feel better after surgery, recovery time is significantly reduced, and you can return to normal activities sooner with the On-Q pump. The On-Q pain relief pump looks like a small balloon with a tube attached. The balloon is filled with anesthetic, which flows through the tube to the surgical site. The apparatus is small and can be discreetly attached to your clothing where no one will see it.

If you choose to recover with On-Q, Dr. Pousti will implant the tube into your incision after your tummy tuck. Your pain relief will begin immediately after surgery, no need to wait to get to the pharmacy, and no need to try and swallow a pill. Unlike a pill, the medication is constantly being administered so there is no yo-yo affect. Since the anesthetic is dispensed only at the surgical site, the rest of your body is not affected by the medication. Since On-Q is non-narcotic, your mind stays clear and there are no side effects such as drowsiness, nausea, breathing problems, constipation, or grogginess.

Now you have the option of continuous non-narcotic pain relief after your Tummy Tuck procedure with the On-Q Pain Relief System offered at Dr. Pousti’s San Diego, Riverside and Temecula surgical suites.