Dr. Tom Pousti Talks About Tailor Tacking

Tailor Tacking is a technique that is used by plastic surgeons as a way to preview the potential results of surgery before any final incisions are made. This technique is most commonly used during breast lifting surgeries and breast reductions. 

Prior to the surgery being performed measurement of the patients breasts are taken and markings are made.  These markings are used to ensure symmetry and help the surgeon know where incisions should be located.

Before Surgery

After all measurements and markings are made, a sizer implant is placed into the breast pocket and the skin is then temporarily fastened together prior to making final incisions and suture fixation.

The use of the Tailor Tacking technique prevents errors in nipple-areolar placement and is a very important part of the mastopexy procedure. It ensures that the right amount of skin is removed during the surgery. If too much skin is removed during a breast lift with implants it can limit the size of the implant that is going to be used and can cause tension on the incision lines during closure and healing. This could then result in further surgery due to wound healing problems and possible implant exposure. If not enough skin is removed during the lift the patient can be left with loose skin and be unhappy with their results.

What To Expect After Surgery 

Pain is rarely strong, more commonly being a degree of discomfort. Swelling occurs but usually begins to subside by the third or fourth day. Some degree of swelling may persist for longer periods. A well-fitted bra is worn day and night for four weeks. While there is probably seldom interference with future breast feeding, women are cautioned that it may not be possible to breast feed in the future. Driving may be resumed in 2 weeks. Sexual activity in 2 weeks. Non-contact sports in 3 weeks. Contact sports in 6 weeks.