What Do Dermal Fillers Do and How Do Dermal Fillers Work?

Between covering up blemishes, moisturizing, applying mascara, and tweezing our brows, we spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Naturally, it’s impossible not to notice when the first signs of aging take hold. Whether it’s wrinkles across your forehead, lines between your nose and mouth, or the earliest hint of crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes, it can be startling to notice even the subtlest of changes in your reflection. Luckily, reversing the signs of aging is a lot easier than you might think. Dermal fillers present an effective, non-surgical solution to restoring a youthful complexion that makes you look as vibrant as you feel.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers, also called “facial fillers” and “injectables,” add volume to the area under the skin to smooth out lines, wrinkles, and folds. There are many different kinds of facial fillers, but they all have the same goal. At Prime Med Spa, we use the Juvéderm collection of dermal fillers, which are made of hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that has the incredible ability to attract and retain moisture for gorgeous, natural-looking results that last.

How do dermal fillers work?

An unfortunate, yet inevitable part of the aging process is the loss of subcutaneous facial fat. This volume loss reduces the cushy buffer between our facial muscles and skin, making smile lines and crow’s feet more noticeable. While aging is a major cause of facial volume loss and wrinkles, sun exposure, genetics, smoking, and other lifestyle factors can also affect the facial skin.

Dermal fillers work by replacing volume in the face that is lost over time for results that are noticeable, yet natural looking. The gel in the injections plumps wrinkles, folds, and depressions for instantaneous fullness. Meanwhile, the hyaluronic acid acts like a sponge to draw moisture to the area for results that improve with time. Depending on the type of filler, results can last between six months and two years before the body absorbs the hyaluronic acid gel and a touch-up treatment is needed.

What can dermal fillers do?

You don’t need to go under the knife to restore a youthful fullness to your complexion. Dermal fillers can correct moderate to severe signs of facial aging with no surgery and zero downtime. Specifically, dermal fillers can:

  • soften laugh lines around the mouth
  • correct nasolabial folds and laugh lines
  • add volume under the eyes
  • smooth vertical lines around the lips
  • even out acne scars and other depressions
  • add plumpness to thin lips
  • replace volume loss in the cheeks and temples
  • lift loose skin hanging below the jaw line

Are dermal fillers right for you?

When it comes to fighting the signs of aging, there’s only so much your skincare products can do. The effects of volume loss, gravity, genetics, sun exposure, and other lifestyle factors eventually take a toll on your complexion, making you look years older than you feel. Dermal fillers, like Juvéderm, offer a quick, easy, effective alternative to surgical procedures to give skin a smooth, youthful appearance that looks completely natural. At Prime Med Spa, our master injectors have provided hundreds of clients with gorgeous results.

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