5 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Aging


People are living longer today than ever before, and everyone addresses the aging process in their own personal way. Some choose a strict diet and exercise regimen while others prefer to indulge in more sedentary pursuits. Similarly, some opt for dermal fillers and cosmetic procedures, and others take a more natural approach. Neither is good or bad. They’re just choices, and everyone has the right to make their own.

Whatever choices you make, the best ones will always be made from a place of truth—either a personal truth or a more scientific truth. So before you make another decision about how you’ll handle the aging process, take a look below at 5 lies we tell ourselves about aging.

My wrinkles are my mother’s fault

Our poor mothers. We blame them for so many things. But just because your mother’s face showed wrinkles and other signs of aging at a young age doesn’t necessarily mean you will. The Environmental Protection Agency claims that up to 90% of visible signs of aging skin are the result of sun exposure and that proper UV protection can prevent premature aging. Other factors that age the face include poor diet, alcohol, and cigarette smoking. This is information that your mother may not have had, but you do. Choosing to get serious about sunscreen and making healthy choices may help you stay looking younger much longer than Mom did.

Beautification procedures will keep me looking young

We’ll say this as plainly as we can: Beautification procedures and anti-aging procedures are not the same thing and they do not achieve the same results. Lip-plumping is fun, and it can give you the pouty pucker you desire, but it will not make you look younger. If you want to erase the signs of aging, you’ll need to choose cosmetic procedures that specifically target those signs and provide anti-aging results.

My aging face gives me character

Here’s the thing: if you like your wrinkles, then by all means keep them. But if you think about it, you’ll realize that your wrinkles and jowls and double chin actually hide the true character of your face. Have you ever noticed how older people tend to look alike? That’s because aging skin, gravity, fat loss, and a decrease in collagen production all combine to result in a face that loses its structure—and character. In our experience, most clients who come for anti-aging cosmetic procedures do so not because they want to look 25 at age 60 but because they want to look like themselves again. With the right practitioner, anti-aging procedures can actually help restore your facial character.

Anti-aging procedures are all about vanity

Although there are those who believe that anti-aging cosmetic procedures are only for the overly vain, this is completely false. For many of our clients, anti-aging cosmetic procedures are an act of self-love and pampering. And hey, even if it is about vanity for some people, so what? Let’s not forget that there are those for whom self-deprivation can also be a form vanity because it lets them feel righteous. To that we say: To each his own—and then we go ahead and make an appointment for dermal fillers because that’s what floats our boat.

Cosmetic procedures will give me better self-esteem

This is a tricky one, and it’s probably the most important item on this list. It’s tricky because choosing to have cosmetic work done to address a beauty or aging concern can certainly result in a confidence boost, but it can’t give you the confidence you don’t already have. Anyone looking for validation, self-esteem, or self-worth will not find it through any beautification or anti-aging procedure. It’s important to understand this fully and to maintain realistic expectations. If you’re unsure of your motivation for cosmetic enhancement, it’s best to hold off until you have some clarity.

You get to age gracefully in whatever way you choose!

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