4 Common Myths About Laser Tattoo Removal | Prime Med Spa San Diego

To receive the best possible understanding and results in before and after tattoo removal in San Diego, CA, it is important to understand and dispel the myths about laser tattoo removal.

Myth #1: One Type of Laser Can Remove Any Tattoo

Do you believe the myth that there is one laser that is “best” for tattoo removal? This is false.

There are many good FDA approved lasers on the market that are safe and effective.* Instead of shopping for “THE” best laser, try looking for the “best” experienced healthcare provider to do the job. Tattoo removal is an art and science. The person behind the laser and their experience is more important than the laser.

It can take up to 5 different laser wavelengths for a safe and complete tattoo removal – usually, taking 2 or more lasers.* Don’t believe the hype from anyone who says they have one laser that can remove all tattoo colors from any skin type.*

Myth #2: Tattoo Removal is More Painful Than Getting a Tattoo


In a few cases it may be true, but NOT the majority of the time.* And every treatment gets easier as the tattoo fades.* Laser removal treatments are quick and only last a few seconds to minutes.*

For small tattoos, a local anesthetic can be injected to numb the site (eyebrows & ring finger tattoos, etc). Large to medium tattoos can have a topical numbing agent or numb patch applied before treatment.

Also, a dermal cooler, a device that keeps the skin cool during the treatment really helps out.*

If you are having a lot of pain during a laser tattoo removal treatment, let your health care professional know. They can take safe measures to help you be more comfortable.*

Myth #3: Tattoo Removal Causes Scarring

It is a common fear and belief that laser tattoo removal will scar you for life. As with any medical procedure, there is risk and benefit. On average, the probability of scarring is less then 5% from laser treatment.*

That figure can be decreased by the client being very careful to follow the tattoo removal aftercare instructions from the health-care provider.*

Not all clients are suitable for laser tattoo removal treatment. Risks are greater for tanned skin, darker skin tone, history of keloiding, pregnancy, Accutane medication, immune system disorders, some body locations, and other medications and other disease processes.*

Myth #4 :: Removal Creams Really Work

So many people want to know if “removal creams” found on the internet will take off their tattoos. The short answer is “no.” Of course you want to believe it can work, because it would be much easier and cheaper compared to laser tattoo removal.*

So why won’t it work? Well, the tattoo ink is deeply placed in the skin. Rubbing a cream on the skin’s surface will not achieve a removal– it can’t reach it.* The cliche is true—if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If this method worked, there would be no need for lasers. Nor would the laser manufacturers spend millions of dollars for research, development, and marketing if a simple magic cream could do the job. If “removal creams” worked, the FDA would approve the product and it would be in every store in America.*