Breastfeeding and Breast Augmentation

One of the most asked questions regarding Breast Augmentation surgery is whether or not a patient can breast-feed afterward. First and foremost you should always talk to your plastic surgeon regarding your future plans to breast-feed, that way you and your plastic surgeon can both work together to be able to achieve the best possible results without compromising your breast-feeding plans. During a breast augmentation, it is extremely important that the dissection must be performed carefully so as to disrupt or interrupt the milk ducts as little as possible. The most important thing you must understand is that there are no guarantees that you will be able to breast-feed your baby, regardless if you have had a breast augmentation or not. Many women have had concerns about passing silicone if their implants were to rupture. If your implants were to rupture, it’s very important that you know that neither saline nor silicone implants can leak into your breast milk. There have been studies that silicone molecules are too large to pass through the milk ducts and breast gland tissue. Dr. Pousti has had many patients who have had breast augmentation surgery who have had success with breast-feeding afterward.

“I had breast augmentation performed by Dr. Tom Pousti after breast feeding 2 kids. My breasts were empty and a little “saggy”. I didn’t feel good about my body after pregnancy but everything changed after having my breasts enhanced. My results are wonderful! I had saline implants and was a “C-cup”!! I love them. My incision is at the junction of the areola and my breast. 2 years after my surgery, I found out that I was pregnant again! I was worried about how the pregnancy would affect my breasts and if I would be able to breast feed. My breasts got larger while I was pregnant and I was happily surprised to see that I had no problem breast feeding even after the breast augmentation surgery. I ended up having 2 more kids and nursing both of them with no problems. My breasts were still beautiful and looked very natural. After my last child, I decided to exchange my saline implants for silicone gel breast implants (that had just become FDA approved). Dr. Pousti performed this procedure for me as well and I am extremely happy with my results. He truly cares for his patients and does beautiful work! Thank you!!