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Best Weight Loss Programs Del Mar, La Jolla and La Mesa, CA | Prime Plastic Surgery

Losing weight can be hard, but we are here to help!  There is no “one size fits all” program, and that is why we customize each and every treatment based on patients needs. Prime Med Spa offers a variety of services including but not limited to:

  • Testosterone Optimization
  • HcG Weight Loss Programs
  • Vitamin Shots
  • Dieting Shots

Prime Med Spa has taken our weight loss programs to the next level, incorporating a state-of-the-art body composition analyzer into all our physician-guided programs.


Although most weight loss clinics offer a standardized, “one size fits all” program for their patients, our new composition analysis allows us to provide our patients with data-driven, customized guidance to maximize your health, wellness, and weight loss success.

Weekly Check-ins

In under 60 seconds, we’ll receive a report on your body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, hydration levels and metabolic rate, allowing your medical provider to make recommendations targeted to your exact needs. You’ll be able to see the progress you are making towards your goals in objective data: not just the top-line weight loss number you see when you step on a scale, but actual improvements in your fat-to-muscle ratio and your metabolic health.

The Prime Med Spa Advantage

Our cutting-edge equipment is the same used by doctors at the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic. You can also find pro teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers depending on this technology to keep their players in top athletic shape. Prime Med Spa is the only medical spa in Southern California among the world-class facilities who use this machine.


Who is a good candidate for Medical Weight Loss?

Patients who are overweight (but otherwise in good health), and who are ready to make a significant lifestyle change are good candidates. By overweight, we mean people who have an alarmingly high body fat percentage (this is different than weight or BMI). Before starting the program, our medical practitioner will conduct a functional assessment of each prospective patient to determine eligibility for our program. This program is not for women who are pregnant or nursing.

What exactly does this weight loss program consist of?

The Skinny Beach Method requires patients to make a minimum six-week commitment to our program. During an intake exam, our team of experienced medical providers will work with you to determine the best course of action to fit your weight loss goals, lifestyle, and physical needs. Your treatment plan will be completely customized to your individual situation, but may include the use of appetite suppressants, injections, or customized IV therapy. You will also receive daily calorie guidelines and meal suggestions based on your treatment plan. Each week, you will come into the Skinny Beach spa to “weigh in” and discuss your experience since your last visit. Based on your feedback and success toward your goal, individualized adjustments may be made to your treatment plan for the next week. Patients who achieve their goal weight will often remain in the Skinny Beach program, to receive guidance and support towards maintaining their weight loss and establishing their new, healthier routine.  

How will this program help me lose weight?

Some “weight loss programs” hand you a stack of paperwork and a bottle of pills and then send you out the door. Good luck with that! While willpower and pills alone might help some people make a short-term shift in their weight, countless studies have shown that crash diets do not produce lasting results. By following the Skinny Beach Method, you will receive expert care, coaching, and custom-tailored advice to help you safely and effectively achieve a healthy goal weight, and to maintain your success.

Will I keep the weight off once I have completed the 6-week program?

Try rapidly stretching out a rubber band, and then just “let go” – does the rubber band stay in the same shape you just moved it into? Of course not! Our bodies work in a very similar way. Often people will “crash diet” and then “let go” once they’ve arrived at their goal weight. Unfortunately, the likely result of returning to your old habits is that you will gain back everything you fought hard to lose – or maybe even more! That’s why so many Skinny Beach patients choose to continue on our program for the long term, so we can provide the guidance, support and accountability needed to lock in a healthy lifestyle and weight maintenance. 

Will I need to exercise during the 6-week weight loss program?

This will depend entirely on the approach you decide to take with your Skinny Beach practitioner, as well as your baseline level of fitness. Your customized recommendations will always take into account your physical needs and your eating plan – no starvation or punishing exercise needed to achieve results!

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