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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Non-Surgical Face Lifting, Face Shaping & Body Contouring Treatment, Tighten Loose Skin and Achieve a Younger Look Without Surgery

In theory, getting a facelift would be great. You would immediately get rid of the troublesome loose skin on your face, taking years and possibly even decades off of the way you look. However, in reality, a facelift is a sophisticated medical surgery that requires considerable downtime, is expensive, and often creates an unnatural look to the patient who undergoes a surgical facelift.  This is because it is aesthetically unnatural to take loose skin and stretch it tighter against facial bony prominences.  Rather, a more natural and aesthetically pleasing affect would be to “compact” the skin of the face that has become loose and appears to have aged.  Our focus at Prime Med Spa is always to achieve a more natural, aesthetically beautiful result that never makes a patient appear “fake” or “too tight” but instead appear much younger than their real age.  That is why Prime Med Spa in San Diego offers the Intense Focused Ultrasound treatment. Compare HIFU to Ulthera at Prime Med Spa.  See both machines in action and decide for yourself!


Fight back against the signs of aging and reveal your best face shape. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is the fastest, most powerful aesthetic treatment system of its kind available for safe use. The Procedure helps you fight signs of aging by tightening skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, helping you achieve a more youthful and vibrant look. It is a safe and effective skin tightening device that uses the latest advances in ultrasound treatment and is available at Prime Med Spa in San Diego.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound can be used to V-Shape the face, and provide an aesthetically pleasing face shape. Different energy depths are used to both tighten the skin, and destroy the fat revealing a younger, improved shaped face.  There is no other machine available that produces the results that HIFU will achieve for your face shaping project, period.  Achieve buccal fat pad attenuation with HIFU, non-surgically and at a fraction of the cost of buccal fat pad removal. Plus, it looks much more natural because you get the added benefits of new collagen formation.


The treatment is safe for most patients with minimal risk of pain. During the procedure, the sensation has often been described as the feeling of a warm snaps, as collagen is stimulated and strengthened while loose skin is tightened. This is an option for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery.

Treatments can be performed within 30 minutes. Most patients describe the process as a very snapping sensation. The average pain intensity rating is 4 out of 10.  We encourage patients to premedicate with a tyelenol or ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to your procedure.
&Affordable with minimal risk of side effects and downtime. Most patients see substantial results in just one treatment.  Your provider will evaluate your face and determine how many treatments you will likely need to achieve results. HIFU can be used in the following clinical scenarios:

  • semi-permanent wrinkle reduction
  • breast lift
  • banana roll elimination
  • back of the arms tightened
  • mommy tummy, saggy lower abdominal skin and fat
  • bra roll
  • cankle treatment: There is simply no better treatment for thick thighs and lower legs than HIFU.  Compare our results to liposuction, in terms of price and net result and you will conclude: HIFU CRUSHES any other treatment.
  • No needles or anesthesia required.
  • Treatments can be applied to face, chin, neck, and body!


What is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound?

A clinically proven technology which uses focused ultrasound to bypass the skin’s surface and create an ablative beam of energy at a precise depth in the skin or body fat. This energy beam fully ablates body fat, and stimulates collagen. It is done below the skin’s surface, which makes it reveal very little, if any, signs of the treatment having been done.

Why should I opt-in for this procedure rather than a surgical facelift?

This procedure is non-invasive and has very little, if any, downtime when compared to a surgical facelift. The aerage cost of a facelift is $8,000-$12,000. HIFU average cost is $795-$1,500. There is no recovery time and no need for anesthesia.* You may resume your daily activities shortly after your treatment.*

How long does this procedure take?

Each session generally takes about 20- 30 minutes

What can HIFU be used to treat?

-Smooth wrinkles on the face, knees, chest
-Sculpt your face and body by destroying fat cells
-Shape the face and jawline through combination effects of skin tightening and fat destruction
-Improves skin tone and can treat pigmentation disorders such as melasma and sun damage
-Improve the texture of solar elastosis and crepey skin
-Slenderize the legs, cankles (fat on lower legs), and cellulite
-banana roll
-bra roll/bat wing
breast lift/nipple ptosis

How many treatments will I need?

This varies since client needs tend to be different. During your initial consultation, our specialists will evaluate your situation and advise you accordingly. We typically perform 1-3 treatments for best results, 6-8 weeks apart.*

Does this procedure hurt?

Scientific research has been conducted on HIFU and the average pain score is 4 out of 10. Skinny Beach offers xanax, laughing gas, and topical numbing cream to minimize pain during your treatment. Most patients do not need any analgesic and find the treatment very tolerable.

How long will results last?

HIFU is considered a semi-permanent treatment, which means you will get older, but the impact achieved with HIFU is not a temporary one. Once fat cells are destroyed, they usually will not come back.* Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly will help achieve long-lasting results.*

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