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Spider Vein Removal

Most veins can be safely removed using advanced laser and gel foam techniques at Prime Med Spa

Experience a personal consultation with one of our vein specialists who will arrive at a vein treatment strategy that both works for you from a success standpoint and is affordable in the long run. Veins can wreck havoc on one’s self-esteem and sometimes they even cause pain, often disrupting sleep quality and causing depression.  


Spider Veins are blood vessels that are easily visible through the skin, medically called “telangiectasias”. These thin blood vessels are usually colored red, blue and purple and occur most often on the face and legs, specifically the thighs. Spider Veins do not have much harm to your health, and removal is usually a purely aesthetic decision.

In most cases, Spider Veins are caused by excessive back-pressure on the venous circulation in your legs. Conditions which increase this back-pressure are pregnancy, heart failure, and prolonged standing.  Genetics obviously plays a large role as well, so if you mother suffers from spider veins, chances are you will too.  The good news is, there are now multiple treatments available that mom likely did not get the chance to take advantage of back in her day.


Prime Med Spa uses a combination of laser and foam injection to safely and effectively treat those ugly veins that can appear on faces and legs.  Medically known as spider veins, or “telangiectasias,” these vascular abnormalities are unsightly and often difficult to treat with conventional methods like IPL, and even harder to conceal.  Wearing compression garments is uncomfortable and while those tight socks and pants might slow the progression of unsightly veins, they do little to nothing to reverse them. 

A long-pulsed laser is the most effective technique available to “zap” such vein malformations. Most patients find the procedure comfortable with or without numbing cream. Larger, more stubborn vessels are treated with gel foam injection, a technique called “sclerotherapy”.  This 1-2 punch gives your technicians at Prime Med Spa a winning strategy to eradicate ugly spider veins for good.  Most patients require multiple sessions, often 8-12 weeks apart.  Set your expectations right before you begin your journey to eradicate leg veins.  It will take time, often around 6-12 months and sometimes a vein will resurface years later.  Don’t worry, we won’t gouge you at Prime Med Spa.  Just work with our staff to get your touch up done at a fraction of the cost of the original sessions.

Prime Med Spa in San Diego has the equipment and experience necessary to get rid of troublesome Spider Veins.


How are spider veins removed by laser?

Spider veins, or “telangiectasias” are a common nuisance seen as we age and can occur about the face and legs.  Many people first notice them on the sides or base of the nose, but they can also occur on the cheeks and chin.  Lasers can be used to shatter the veins microscopically, whereby they can be absorbed by the body and eliminated.  This process usually is successful in one to two treatments, but occasionally a third treatment is needed.  

How long does this process take?

Each session takes no longer than one hour, and the overall process can take several months depending on the amount of spider veins present. Generally, 2 to 6 sessions are needed to see notable results. These treatments are spaced out 4-6 weeks apart.  Spider veins on the legs that are treated with laser or injected with foam can be compressed with an ace wrap or garment purchased separately. Many people find success without wearing any special garment at all though.  

Is this process painful?

Yes, expect the laser to snap the vein, often feeling like a rubber band snapping your skin.  The average pain rating/scoring is 4 out of 10, so most patients find laser vein treatment a “tolerable discomfort”. Numbing cream is available and can be purchased separately to reduce discomfort, but not required.  We use cold air to give analgesia to the spider veins treatment area, which minimizes discomfort acceptably to most.

Why should I get my spider veins removed?

Spider vein removal is purely an aesthetic decision. Most people get them removed because they long for the appearance of smooth legs. Spider veins are rarely serious, but may cause itching or throbbing, which is another reason some people choose to get them removed.  The earlier you treat spider veins the better, as they always worsen and enlarge as you age.  Older spider veins and larger ones are obviously harder to treat.

Are results permanent?

Spider vein removal on the face is often immediate.  Leg spider veins often return, but smaller.  Subsequent treatments finish the job.  Results should be long-lasting assuming patients follow proper aftercare-wearing your stockings and getting more exercise. After each treatment, you will find that the area will be red and bruised at times. The majority of spider veins disappear after 2-4 months.

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