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Types of Tattoo Removal

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Fading Tattoos for Cover-Ups

If you are interested in replacing or covering up an existing tattoo with another tattoo, it’s good to know that the cover-up will be much more successful when the existing tattoo is first faded out through the tattoo removal process.* Fading the old tattoo will give the tattoo artist a better ‘canvas’ to work on and much more flexibility with the new design, as the old design won’t be showing through.*

Accidental Tattoos

Accidental or traumatic tattoos are caused by the forceful penetration of the skin with particles of foreign matter. The skin heals over the object and results in a traumatic tattoo. This can include pencil lead, dirt, sand, grease, paint, grass, metal, gunpowder, wood, and asphalt (aka: road rash).
Car, motorcycle, and bicycle accident victims commonly have these kind of tattoos. In most cases these can be removed successfully in 1 to 2 treatments.* Volatile substances such as gunpowder should not be considered for laser tattoo removal as they can still ignite.

Partial Removal

Partial or custom tattoo removal is available for those who wish to modify their tattoo. Sometimes removing an entire tattoo is not your goal, but to only remove specific parts. One of the most common complaints is that the tattoo is too big, the wrong name, misspelled, or is too busy with wind bars or shading, or over-inked with “blow out” (distorted image).

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal & Lip Liner Removal

If you are having second thoughts about your tattooed eyebrow makeup or microblading and would like to return to a more natural look, Prime Med Spa offers the option to remove this ‘permanent’ cosmetic tattoo makeup. Clients come to us after feeling devastated by improper, uneven and exaggerated eyebrows. Microblading is much easier to remove, and will require fewer treatments than a fully dense tattoo eyebrow. We also are experts at the removal of lip liner tattoo, which is the easiest to remove of all the cosmetic tattoos, typically requiring less than 3 treatments. Many have been removed in one single treatment.

R-20 – 911 Removal

R-20 is an advanced technique requiring a higher level of clinical skill. A time-compressed process doing 2 to 4 laser treatments, utilizing possible multiple lasers, at one appointment. It can rapidly advance a laser tattoo removal, but is only appropriate for certain tattoos and lighter skin tones.* While the upside is quicker removal results, the down side is it can also have a higher risk of scarring, longer healing, and additional expense.*

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