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The Power of Clarity Laser at Prime Med Spa, Facial Rejuvination, Laser Hair Removal & Spider Vein Removal

We know you’ve heard of facial rejuvenation, laser hair removal, and spider vein treatments. But what you may not realize is that a single laser can perform all of these procedures with incredible results.

At Prime Med Spa, we use the Clarity Laser because it’s one of the most versatile dual wavelength platforms on the market. With a wide range of settings and tips, along with lightning-fast repetition rates, the Clarity Laser allows us to drastically shorten your treatment time and produce amazing results results. Plus, the built-in cooling device makes your laser facial, hair removal, or spider vein treatment comfortable and relaxing.

Clarity Laser for Facials

The Clarity Laser works miracles on problematic skin. Whether you’re fed up with wrinkles, pigmented lesions, rosacea, or uneven skin tone, Clarity can rejuvenate your complexion for a smooth, even, youthful appearance. For dark spots and discoloration, Clarity works by selectively targeting melanin in the skin and using heat to break up the pigment. The body naturally absorbs the pigment particles and flushes them through your immune system.

For wrinkle reduction, Clarity stimulates neocollagenesis, which is the process of new collagen production. The laser sends heat into the treatment area to create controlled damage, rousing the body’s natural healing response. Rebuilding the internal structure of the skin takes time, so patients often see their results improve in the weeks and months that follow.

Clarity Laser for Hair Removal

With older laser hair removal systems, you had to have fair skin and dark hair to see great results. We use the Clarity Laser because it’s effective on all skin and hair types. It even has a separate setting for dark skin; a longer wavelength bypasses the skin and targets the melanin in the hair shaft to prevent burning and irritation. To maximize comfort, we can adjust the cooling method during your treatment.

The Clarity Laser is also the fastest laser hair removal system available. A high repetition rate and large treatment spot helps reduce unwanted hair in less time and with fewer treatments. This makes Clarity the best possible option for those interested in large area or total body hair removal.

Clarity Laser for Spider Veins

With the Clarity Laser, we can drastically reduce the appearance of spider veins. The Clarity uses dual wavelengths to deliver light energy beneath the surface of the skin into problem veins. Once the veins are targeted, the heat from the laser causes the blood to coagulate and heat up the walls of the blood vessels. The veins then collapse, close, and fade from view over time.

When treating spider veins, the Clarity allows us to adjust treatment parameters such as fluency, pulse width, and repetition rate to maximize delivery of energy while leaving the surrounding tissue undamaged. Successful treatment of spider veins can be tricky with other lasers that don’t allow for these different settings to be adjusted independently.


Do treatments with the Clarity Laser hurt?

Not at all. We’ve found that patients report a more comfortable experience with Clarity than with other lasers due to the shortened treatment time, advanced cooling options, and variety of settings and tips we can use to tailor a service for a particular skin type.

Is there anything I should avoid before my treatment?

Whether you’re undergoing a facial, laser hair removal, or spider vein removal, we recommend avoiding direct sunlight and tanning for several weeks before your appointment. A suntan can put you at risk for burns and may make the treatment less effective. Ask us about additional pre-care guidelines for your particular service.

How many Clarity treatments will I need to see results?

The number of treatments required will depend on your skin type and the particular issue you’re addressing. For example, with laser hair removal, patients typically come back three times before they get the results they want. For broken blood vessels around your nose, one or two treatments would likely suffice.

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