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NAD+ IV Therapy

Addiction, Anti-Aging, and Neurogenerative Treatments


NAD is an amino acid complex required for several essential cellular functions from energy production to DNA repair. It also influences the genes which control the rate at which your cells age.

Simply put, the more NAD in your cells, the better they work. NAD infusions can “reset” your brain too. Patients often report complete cure of tobacco dependence, addictions, attention deficit, chronic fatigue and having incredible new focusing abilities. Results obviously vary, but many patients report their NAD infusion to be near “miraculous”.
Visit FDA.gov to learn more about the benefits of NAD in fighting our current opioid epidemic!



  • Mental clarity & alertness
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Athletic endurance
  • Chronic fatigue Syndrome
  • Repairs DNA and Telomeres
  • Eliminates cravings
  • Smoking Addiction
  • Opioid Addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Porn/Sex Addiction
  • Anxiety & Depression

Prime Med Spa in San Diego are the experts when it comes to IV Nutrition Therapy. No matter what you are feeling, be it hungover, sick or just plain old tired, come to our beautiful San Diego office. We can provide you with the IV Therapy you need to get a pep back in your step!


What is IV Nutrition Therapy at Prime Med Spa?

The human body needs an abundance of nutrients in order to function at the highest possible level. When we are tired or fatigued, either mentally or physically, a higher level of nutrients is needed to deal with the increased demands we are putting on our body. That is why we use IV Nutrition Therapy to help you recover, feel energized and boosts your immunity.

IV Nutrition Therapy feeds amino acids, vitamins, and minerals directly into the bloodstream. Our team has determined a combination of these essential nutrients that will help battle a variety of ailments and make you feel great!

Who Should Participate in IV Therapy?

IV Nutrition Therapy is perfect for individuals looking to improve their overall health. We recommend it also for people who wish to improve their athletic performance, reduce the effects of aging, lose weight, and enhance their physical appearance.

Why are IV Injections Better Than Oral Supplements?

IV Nutrition Therapy allows the vitamins and nutrients to bypass the digestive tract where much of the nutritional value of foods and supplements can be lost. Unlike oral supplements, IV therapy delivers concentrated amounts of nutrients that would otherwise cause digestive discomfort or even illness. In some cases, IV therapy can provide you with ten times the absorption of the vitamins and nutrients when compared to oral supplements.

Is IV Therapy Dangerous or Painful?

IV Nutrition Therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that is well tolerated by most people. As long as you can stand the sight of a needle, it should be a quick and easy procedure that will leave you feeling youthful and amazing!

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