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IV Nutrition Therapy

Feel Energized, Refreshed and Restore Optimal Cellular Function, Crucial Vitamins & Nutrients Right to Your Bloodstream

Try one of the following nutrient blends to help you feel refreshed and energized when you need it most:We have numerous add-ons as well such as Toradol, Zofran, Glutathione.Often called the “Mother of All Antioxidants” Glutathione has been known to boost immune function, detoxify the liver, prevent oxidative cell damage, improve skin elasticity and produce a healthy glow.

Glutathione can be a valuable weapon in the fight against oxidative stress, aging, and tired skin. It can help brighten the way you look and feel.

Please note: Glutathione requires a doctor’s prescription. Please account for this when booking your appointments. Our doctors can organize this for you.

1. Immunity IV

Designed to help your immune system prevent illnesses, feel better faster, and stay well. Full of Vitamin C and Zinc!
Possible Benefits:Protects against infection, Improves healing time, Builds up your immune system, Reduces duration of illnesses

2. Recovery and Performance IV

Helps to balance electrolytes, avoid dehydration and increase metabolic rate to give athlete’s their peak performance pre and post work out.
Possible Benefits:Decreases recovery time, Enhances athletic performance, Replenishes essential nutrients, Reduces inflammation

3. Get Up & Go IV

Designed to help kickstart your metabolism and feel energized.Power-packed with vital amino acids!
Possible Benefits:Helps burn fat, Restores energy, Boosts your metabolism, Improves performance

4. Quench IV

Rehydrate your body and combat fatigue caused from a hangover. Electrolytes + Zinc + Vitamins!
Possible Benefits:Rehydrates your body, Detoxifies your system, Reduces inflammation, Improves circulation


What is IV Nutrition Therapy at Prime Med Spa?

The human body needs an abundance of nutrients in order to function at the highest possible level. When we are tired or fatigued, either mentally or physically, a higher level of nutrients is needed to deal with the increased demands we are putting on our body. That is why we use IV Nutrition Therapy to help you recover, feel energized and boosts your immunity.

IV Nutrition Therapy feeds amino acids, vitamins, and minerals directly into the bloodstream. Our team has determined a combination of these essential nutrients that will help battle a variety of ailments and make you feel great!

Who Should Participate in IV Therapy?

IV Nutrition Therapy is perfect for individuals looking to improve their overall health. We recommend it also for people who wish to improve their athletic performance, reduce the effects of aging, lose weight, and enhance their physical appearance.

Why are IV Injections Better Than Oral Supplements?

IV Nutrition Therapy allows the vitamins and nutrients to bypass the digestive tract where much of the nutritional value of foods and supplements can be lost. Unlike oral supplements, IV therapy delivers concentrated amounts of nutrients that would otherwise cause digestive discomfort or even illness. In some cases, IV therapy can provide you with ten times the absorption of the vitamins and nutrients when compared to oral supplements.

Is IV Therapy Dangerous or Painful?

IV Nutrition Therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that is well tolerated by most people. As long as you can stand the sight of a needle, it should be a quick and easy procedure that will leave you feeling youthful and amazing!

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