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Prime Facial Ultra Cleanse

The Prime Facial Ultra Cleanse is a two-step Laser and Light Application treatment that comes with a minimal risk of pain and downtime. The procedure is designed to leave skin glowing, more toned, and healthier looking in just one session.

To get started with the Hollywood Peel Facial we use our brand new, medical-grade cooling laser to fix skin texture problems and stimulate collagen production in the skin. Next, we apply a photofacial using light therapy to extract discolorations, fight bacteria and cellular debris, and cleanse your skin of built-up makeup and pollution. This facial procedure is perfect for pigmentation issues, such as redness and sunspots, and for acne sufferers. The great thing is this “facial” is not limited to just the face, as treatments can be done on five different body areas: Face, neck, back, arms, and buttocks.

Prime Med Spa in San Diego is proud to offer the Prime Facial Ultra Cleanse, also known as “The Hollywood Peel”. Why do we call this facial a Hollywood Peel? That is a two part answer. First, it is a procedure that is a favorite of the stars in Hollywood when they want to look their very best before a big awards show or movie opening. Second, the Hollywood Facial will have you looking like a Hollywood Star after you leave Prime Med Spa!


What exactly is the Hollywood Peel?

Made for the stars, the Hollywood Peel applies the health benefits and detoxification power of activated charcoal as a mask to your face.  We then apply YAG Laser beams to the skin, vaporizing away the charcoal, a process which removes dead skin, bacteria, and pollution, leaving your skin maximally smooth and clean.  Hollywood Peels are painless, and leave skin glowing and more radiant immediately, without any downtime -ready for the red carpet in minutes!

What areas of my body can be treated with the Hollywood Peel?

This “facial” can actually be done on the face, neck, back, arms and buttocks.  It is used to cure acne, and as such can be applied anywhere acne is a problem on your skin.

How many treatments will I need?

This varies from case to case depending on the severity of the skin concern. However, we do suggest repeat treatments if you’d like to maintain healthy and clean skin. Treatments can be spaced out 2-3 days apart initially until results are achieved, then move to monthly intervals.

Is the Hollywood Peel painful?

No. You will feel a tingling sensation, but it is not painful.

How long does this treatment take?

This treatment only takes about 15 minutes, and delivers noticeable results immediately after.

What’s the recovery like?

There is absolutely no recovery time, this peel is very gentle, thus it’s popularity among busy professionals.

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