The Best Hangover Cure for the Holiday Hangover

Can we please talk about the fact that almost every list for “best hangover cures” includes at least two things you’re supposed to do before you drink? Prevention is all fine and good, but chances are, if you’re browsing the Internet for a hangover cure, it’s because you’re already suffering from one.

If you didn’t take a charcoal pill before you started drinking at your office holiday party last night, and if you didn’t infuse all your cocktails with liquid vitamins, you’re probably still on the hunt for a hangover cure that can help you right now. Lucky for you, we can help. At Prime Med Spa in San Diego, our IV nutrition therapy really is the best cure for the holiday hangover.

What causes a hangover?

If you’re desperate to get your IV nutrition therapy going so you can be rid of your hangover headache and stop feeling weak, nauseated, and just plain out of it, you might want to skip this part and head straight to the bottom of the page where you see our phone number. But if you’re curious how IV nutrition therapy works to cure a hangover, you’ll need to know what causes a hangover first.

You may or may not have heard that your hangover is just a bad case of dehydration. This is partially true: alcohol does decrease the body’s ability to absorb water, increase the need to urinate, and result in the depletion of bodily fluids. But drinking alcohol also causes you to lose essential vitamins and minerals, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. Additionally, along with the toxins in the alcohol itself, the breakdown of alcohol in the liver creates acetaldehyde, yet another toxin that’s there floating around in your body and making you feel like crap. And, you probably know by now, drinking a little extra water in the morning just isn’t enough to make it all go away. Not fast enough, anyway.

Whether you need a quick fix because someone scheduled the office holiday party on a Tuesday or because you want to recover enough to rage on for a full weekend of back-to-back Christmas parties, IV nutrition therapy is going to be your new best friend.

IV nutrition therapy: the best cure for a holiday hangover

IV nutrition therapy is an intravenous treatment that delivers concentrated amounts of vitamins, amino acids, and electrolytes directly into your bloodstream. The intravenous delivery means it bypasses the gastric system, so you get the full dose of nutrients immediately, without having to wait for the digestive process to run its course. IV nutrition therapy is the best way to rehydrate, replenish your body’s supply of essential vitamins and minerals, and flush out those nasty toxins. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you feel rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead. We’re not just saying IV nutrition therapy is the best hangover cure—it really is!

Give the gift of a hangover cure this holiday season

Just imagine the hero you’ll be this holiday season if you give the gift of a hangover cure. At Prime Med Spa in San Diego, not only can we provide IV nutrition therapy for hangovers, but we also offer gift cards so you can gift our services to your favorite people. So this year, why not surprise your best friend, your spouse, or your sibling with the best gift they never thought to ask for: a hangover cure. That way, you and your whole crew can party on through the holiday season with the extra joy of knowing everything is going to be all right in the morning.

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