Case of the Week: Otoplasty

This 8 year old patient from San Diego, California had excess protrusion of her ears and was interested in the otoplasty procedure. Her mom had done extensive research online and was referred to Dr. Pousti by several patients.

Measurements of the patient’s ears are taken several times prior to surgery to ensure symmetry is achieved. Markings are performed and are used in the operating room as guidelines for incision locations. Incisions are generally placed behind the ear in an area that can be easily hidden.

The patient may proceed with the ear surgery under local or general anesthesia depending on the complexity of the case. In this patient’s case it was a better option to proceed with general anesthesia. Dr. Pousti works with a board certified anesthesiologist and has been working with his operating room team for several years.

The entire procedure takes approximately 1 hour. A small incision is made along the skin fold connecting the ear to the head. Once the incision is made a small portion of the cartilage is removed allowing for the ear to be pinned back. Permanent sutures are used to secure the cartilage and bulky dressings are applied to to help with proper healing.